Apps for
effective work

We create applications that help optimize work procedures and digitize company processes, ensure greater safety for lone workers, significantly reduce the consumption of paper and other office supplies, thereby supporting a friendly approach to the environment.

  • Online patrols system, Tasks, Attendance

  • Lone Worker protection, Man Down detection

  • Indoor location, GPS tracking

  • Assets and visits management

  • KPIs, Reports

Digital forms
  • Digital forms

  • Custom forms with graphs and calculations

  • Machinery and equipment maintenance

  • Advanced reporting

  • Forms workflow

  • Electronic pertmits – soon

Summoning system
  • Vyrozumění většího počtu osob v jeden okamžik

  • Voice calls with TTS (Text to Speech) support

  • Connecting participants to the teleconference

  • Tone (DTMF) participand feedback

  • Bulk SMS (SMPP protocol or O2 SMS Connector)

Copmpany TTC apki, s.r.o. is a part of TTC group.

The company TTC apki, s.r.o. was created by the spin-off of the ICT services division from the company TTC TELSYS, a.s., so that it could focus more on the development of its own products and services, which in 2023 will celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their launch on the market.

TTC apki, s.r.o.